Loungewear vs Sleepwear: What’s your pick?

We sleep in our loungewear. We lounge in our sleepwear. So is there really a difference between the two? For some of us, the answer is no. And rightly so because the ‘oh so comfy” pyjamas from Shararat are not just good to laze around in but can also be worn to hangouts and get-togethers. PJs have become a high fashion statement in no time. But can all sleepwear also be worn as loungewear? Are you all for this trend or do you think these are two very different categories? Before you make up your mind, let’s find out a little more about these two types of outfits!


    Loungewear is our favourite separates – our tees, tank tops, shorts, pants, capris, leggings, sweatshirts and other coordinates that you can mix and match whenever and wherever you want. They're the best replacement for our regular jeans, suits, and other formal apparel. There was a time when loungewear outfits were high in comfort but not really stylish. But that’s not the case anymore. Modern loungewear apparels are more sophisticated, well-tailored and looks fabulous. You can walk out of your door in loungewear and still look cool and sharp.


    Imagine a designer, a rapper or even a dancer. How do you imagine them? Probably dressed in a loosey-goosey tracksuit or loose tees and pyjama pants. If that’s how you pictured them, you aren’t really wrong. Once upon a time, loungewear was reserved only for creative or ‘artsy’ people, especially those who worked in the design field. But today, especially after The pandemic, everyone is looking for something sophisticated, comfy and convenient when it comes to outfits. This makes loungewear an effortless pick, especially when it comes to clothes you can wear at home. Dressing up in loungewear Is effortless. Don’t believe us? Try one of the chic kaftan dresses by the house of Shararat. Or perhaps our grey striped pyjamas that go quite well with other essentials in your wardrobe! Or maybe a smart shirt dress is more of your style? Whatever your style is, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.


    Over the past year, loungewear has gained a lot of hype and all for the right reason. Comfort fashion is a trend that is here to stay. So if you aren’t part of the loungewear revolution yet, this is your clue to join the club.


    Let us break it down for you. Loungewear is worn during the day at home or when you step out to run quick errands. Sleepwear, on the other hand, is worn at bedtime. Sleepwear is also known as nightwear, night suits, etc.


    No-fuss, comfortable clothing is the latest trend and designer fashion loungewear is here to stay. Nowadays you’ll find almost every celebrity following this style. For instance, we are all aware of Victoria Beckham’s love for knits and PJs. Even Rihanna has been photographed in her comfy black pants. Back home, celebs like Kareena Kapoor have been clicked looking chic in kaftans and Sara Ali Khan is known for her stylish airport look in loungewear. But Loungewear is not limited to only celebs. You can also switch to comfort fashion and still manage to look stunning. To round it off, loungewear is for home errands and nightwear/sleepwear is for your bedtime. Loungewear is perfect for indoor use but you can easily use them outdoors too! Your pyjamas can be a part of your daywear, whether it’s paired up with plain t-shirts or nice formal kurtas! Your kaftans are amazing to wear for a lazy day but can also be worn to Sunday brunch with the ladies. Loungewear or sleepwear…Indoors or outdoors… give your skin a little room to breathe in savvy Loungewear and sleepwear by Shararat. Shop from our unique collection of loungewear and sleepwear online at www.shararat.in