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Shararat’s Exclusive Range of Cotton Pyjamas - Your Companion in Comfort and Style

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your sleepwear could seamlessly transition into comfy daily wear and stylish loungewear? With Shararat’s range of flirty fun pyjamas, this is exactly what you get. A combination of finest fabrics and appealing designs, these pyjamas can help elevate your style quotient both indoors as well as outdoors. Planning a sleepover with your girl gang? Take your pick from our assorted collection of cute floral PJs. Looking for something comfy to carry with you on your next trip? Choose from our range of stripes or check cotton pyjamas that double up as pants! Whatever your plans may be, when it comes to comfort wear, you can bank upon us!

What Makes Our Pyjamas So Special?

Combining style and comfort in everyday fashion is right up our alley and this is what makes our exclusive range of trendy pyjamas so special. Here are a few reasons why your wardrobe urgently needs a shararati upgrade!

Super soft cotton fabric

We use premium quality cotton fabric that is soft on the skin and allows maximum breathability. If you get sweaty a lot or have sensitive skin, this fabric can be a game-changer for you!

Convenient design

The elasticized waist makes it super easy to slip into our nightwear Pyjamas. And we know the struggle is real when it comes to finding women’s clothing with decent pockets. That’s why we give you one on each side!

Playful prints and designs

Floral prints, stripes, checks, tribal prints, solids…no matter what your style is, you will definitely find it here. From easy-going to stand-out-in-the-crowd, we make sure to cover all the bases.

Comfort with durability

When it comes to daily wear, durability is of utmost importance. No fading. No shrinking. Our comfort wear remains as good as new even after several washes.

Easy to wash

Following an elaborate process to wash your clothes is such a hassle! Don’t worry. We don’t want you wasting your time on that. Just a simple, warm hand or machine wash is sufficient.

Too many choices

The more options you have, the more likely you are to find something that matches your style. Be it colors or designs and patterns, we make sure to get plenty of options to choose from! Plus, we are constantly updating our collection so that you never miss out on the latest trends.


Is it okay to wear pyjamas in public?

Why not? Be it running a short errand nearby or going out for a casual hangout, you can wear your PJs without giving it another thought. The only thing is, you must style it the right way. Pyjamas can be teamed up with tees and crop tops for a casual look. If you plan on using your pair of cotton women pyjamas as pants, go for solid colors or sophisticated prints (like stripes!)

Can pyjamas help me sleep better?

Pyjamas crafted with soft and breathable fabrics are the best womens night suits. These don’t make you uncomfortable by clinging to the skin. Since natural fibers like cotton sleepwear are known to absorb moisture, your pyjamas can also keep you from feeling sweaty or itchy all night. The best part is, that pyjamas make excellent sleepwear regardless of the season. In winters, they help keep you covered and cosy and in summers they make sure you stay fresh and cool!

How often do I need to wash my pyjamas?

To maintain perfect hygiene, it is best to toss your night suit in the laundry after 2 to 3 days. In case you have oily skin, wash them daily or every other day. However, if you find it hard to part with your PJs even during the daytime, make sure to wash them every day!

Which other sleepwear styles should I try?

Several sleepwear styles are both comfy and trendy at the same time. Women short sets are an excellent comfort wear option, especially during summers. If night shorts set isn’t really your thing, opt for a breezy and flowing cotton nightgown. For those who are looking for something more stylish, a nightwear kaftan is a must-try.