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Upgrade Your Wardrobe with Shararat’s Exclusive Range of Versatile Shirt Dresses

Looking for nightwear that neither makes you feel too stuffy nor leaves you feeling chilly at night? If yes, then a shirt dress might be the best option for you. This super comfy sleepwear offers the right amount of coverage while also allowing ample air circulation. Plus, they look so stylish that you won’t mind choosing them as your OOTD every day!

Here’s Why Our Cotton and Rayon Shirt Dresses Can Be Your New Bedtime BFF!

Shararat brings to you an exclusive range of cotton and rayon shirt dresses that have been designed to be worn as nightwear, womens loungewear or just a casual dress for a casual day out! These button-down shirt dresses are feminine, sophisticated and just the right amount of ‘naughty’ to keep things interesting. Here are a few reasons why our shirt dresses and sleep shirts are a must-have for your comfort wear collection:

Thoughtful Design

If your sleep shirt is too short, it’ll probably ride up while you are asleep. And if it’s too long, it will end up restricting your movements. Our cotton nightdress is just the right length to support all that tossing and turning through the night and still keep you comfortable. You can also sit and relax in these dresses without worrying about ‘adjusting’ them every few minutes. The sleep shirts also come with a side pocket!

A smart choice for every season

No matter what the weather is like, our cotton and rayon night dresses are perfect to sleep in and lounge about at home. Whether it is hot, humid or slightly chilly outside, these dresses will keep you feeling snug through the night.

Multiple Styles to Choose From

Cute checks, sassy stripes and sophisticated solids, we offer so many options to help you find something that matches your style. Keep it simple with soft colors or go bold with vibrant ones…the choice is yours!


What better - nightgowns or sleep shirts?

That depends on you. A night gown or a nighty kaftan is generally loose fitting and offers full coverage. A shirt dress, on the other hand, is shorter and drapes better than a nightgown. Also, short dresses can be worn as loungewear without a second thought. However, a lot of women have inhibitions about answering doors or running errands in a winter night gown. Choosing the right one between the two types of nightwear depends on your comfort and style preferences.

Can a shirt dress be worn as maternity wear?

Absolutely! A cotton or rayon women shirt dress will keep you snug and comfy through the night. The amazing fit and design will ensure you do not feel bound or stuffy. A shirt sleep dress is super comfortable and convenient for mommies-to-be and nursing mothers.

What to wear when you work from home?

Thanks to the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, our wardrobe now has a brand new section- work-from-home wear! People working remotely generally prefer something that’s not only comfortable but also sophisticated enough to be during zoom calls and online meetings. Women co ord sets work well in work-from-home settings. A shirt dress is also a great choice for WFH wear because it will keep you comfy as you go about your hectic day. Moreover, short dresses look super chic and stylish.

How do you style a shirt dress?

Shirt dresses are a great choice when you are planning on keeping it stylish without compromising on comfort. These look great on their own. All you have to do is choose the right accessories (hats, belts, scarves or jewellery) for a more fashionable look. Shirt dresses can also be used along with other clothes to enhance your style. Pair your shirt dress with a long- line cardigan or a denim jacket for a trendy winter look. You may also consider wearing leggings beneath your shirt dress.