Babydoll Gowns

Sick and tired of uncomfortable and unstylish lingerie wear? We’ve the perfect solution for you! At Shararat, we offer a wide range of elegant and sexy babydoll dresses ... and gowns that can be used as lingerie as well as night wear. Whether you’re planning to add a babydoll set to your bridal trousseau, looking for a honeymoon nighty or want something sexy for date night with your hubby, we’ve got you covered. From babydoll lingerie gowns with slits to knee-length nightdresses with frill details, from hot and happening red to bewitching black, we offer a variety of designs, styles and colors to help you find that perfect nightwear lingerie!
Babydoll lingerie is the best choice when you’re in the mood to pamper yourself or if you’re planning a fun surprise for your partner. It is also a great option if you’re planning to gift something intimate and special to your lady love!
Made from super soft lace fabric, these outfits offer immense comfort and support. Every Shararat babydoll gown comes with a matching thong to give you a complete, seductive look. Plus, this sexy night wear comes in four different sizes, which makes it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

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Seductive Babydoll Short Night Dresses and Gowns for your Lingerie Collection

It's time to give the lingerie and nightwear section of your wardrobe the attention it deserves! Whether you are searching for a smashing dress for honeymoon night or want to explore your sexy side and boost your confidence, a playful babydoll gown is exactly what you need. This knock-out sexy night dress comes in a range of styles and designs that do an amazing job of accentuating your assets and giving you that ‘sexy diva’ look. Babydoll gowns are cute, feminine, sensual and comfortable. Plus, this nightwear lingerie is versatile enough to be styled in dozens of ways.

Sexy Nightwear Lingerie - A wardrobe essential for every woman!

If you are under the impression that sexy lingerie is only meant for new brides or brides-to-be, you are mistaken. While sultry and seductive night dresses and honeymoon nighties are considered a must-have for newlyweds, their purpose does not end here. Here are a few other reasons why you must .

have a sexy lingerie gown in your nightwear collection:

  • To boost self-love: No matter if you are in a relationship or not, you can never go wrong with showing yourself some love. A sexy babydoll gown can help you be more confident about yourself and your body.
  • To explore your sexy side: Perfectly designed and well-fitted sexy nightgown or lingerie is a great way to explore your sexy side and find power in your sexuality.
  • To reignite passion: Feel like your relationship is missing the passion it once had? Bring back the spice in your life by revamping your wardrobe with some seductive lingerie. Arrange a date night at home and woo your SO in an elusive babydoll gown.
  • Have fun with roleplay:Thinking about indulging in some role play to heat things in the bedroom? A sexy nightgown can help!

Why choose a Shararat Babydoll Dress or Gown?

Shararat brings you a range of babydoll sets, dresses and gowns that can be a total game-changer for your romantic life! Here are a few of the many reasons why you must include a Shararat babydoll lingerie in your collection!

Sultry designs: From extended front and side slits to tie-ups and frills, our babydoll gowns feature a range of sexy and playful details that’ll add more charm and elegance to your look. Go for a sexy night dress with a deep plunging neckline or pick an alluring dress with a halter neck instead, the choice is yours! We also offer styles that come with gloves to give you that femme fatale look!

Variety: Tired of the same old intimate wear designs and boring satin nightwear dresses? Let’s change that! At Shararat, you get to choose from an impressive range of designs, styles and colors. Whether you are looking for an erotic full-length gown with a long slit or a strappy short night dress, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find varieties in traditional colors like black and white as well as vibrant shades like blue and maroon.

Pick the right size: Shararat offers four different sizes of babydoll dresses and gowns so that you can find the perfect fit!

Comfort: Looking and feeling sexy doesn’t always come for a price. Our sexy night wear is equal parts stylish and comfortable and can also be used as sleepwear!

Matching thongs: Every Shararat lace and Satin nightwear dress and gown comes with a matching thong so you don’t waste time hunting for the right lingerie to wear with your dress.

Lucrative and discreet packaging: Presentation matters! Your babydoll night dress is delivered to you in an adorable and attractive box. Whether you are planning on gifting a sexy night dress to someone special or want to buy one for yourself, these exclusively crafted gift boxes will just make everything better!


Why do women wear babydolls?

Babydoll dresses and gowns are used both as lingerie and nightwear. These are popularly used as honeymoon and bridal lingerie. Depending upon its style and design, a babydoll dress can also be worn as a casual outfit.

What should I wear on honeymoon night?

If you’re looking for a sexy dress for honeymoon night, your top choices are a babydoll dress, babydoll gown, short satin nighty, long sleeveless nighty, nightdress with a robe and top and short set.

Do you have to wear white lingerie on your wedding night?

When it comes to bridal lingerie, traditional colors like black and white are quite popular. However, there is no rule stating that you’ve to stick to these colors. Choose the color of your lingerie according to your style, preference and skin tone.