Chic, Comfortable and Coordinated Styles for your Sleepwear Collection ...Your old, well-loved tee and shorts might be a comfortable sleepwear option but definitely not the most stylish one. Shararat brings you an exciting range of trendy as well as comfy women's co-ord sets to elevate your sleepwear style. The best part is, these chic ensembles can seamlessly transition from women's night suits to casual attire or loungewear. Whether you're planning to catch up on some sleep or gearing up to spend a lazy weekend indoors, we have a co-ord set to suit every mood and occasion. We offer a diverse selection of women's night shorts and pyjama sets available in a variety of prints, designs, and colors. Our collection features a range of vibrant hues, lively prints, cheerful solids, and pretty pastels so that you find something that suits your style, taste and preference! And while our team leaves no stone unturned to bring you the latest trends, we are also committed to providing you utmost comfort. Made from 100 percent cotton fabric, these coord sets offer a soft and lightweight feel. Experience the luxury of a good night's sleep with our range of cozy night sets and bring back some much-needed Shararat in your life!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just take the guesswork out of styling yourself? Imagine slipping into an incredibly comfortable and chic outfit that not only makes you look but also FEEL amazing! Well, at Shararat, we offer precisely that. Our exclusive range of elegant and comfy printed co-ord sets can help you simplify your wardrobe and step up your style game in one fell sweep.

Exciting, isn’t it? So, swap your worn-out tee and faded pyjama pants for these stylish night suit shorts sets/ pyjama sets and give your comfort wear collection a much-needed upgrade!

Here’s What We Have in Store for You!

Our goal is to curate ensembles that cater to your unique style. Get ready to be spoiled for choice with our exquisite women's night suits collection.

1. Top and shorts night suit

Our short and top women's co-ord sets are the perfect choice for all the divas who define their style as modern, feminine and youthful. Crafted with pure cotton fabric, these uber-stylish numbers will up your style quotient while keeping you snug and comfy. The night shorts sets come in a range of styles, prints and colors to make it easier for you to find an outfit that matches your vibe!

And while you can use these trendy printed co-ord sets as comfy nightwear, they also double up as loungewear that you can wear throughout the day! For instance, you can pair your shorts night suit with complimenting accessories, footwear and an oversized shirt for a cute and classy OOTD!

2. Top and pyjamas night suit

Our coord pyjama sets are the perfect recipe for a soothing slumber. Whether you prefer subtle and feminine floral prints or bold, solid designs, we’ve got you covered. Choose from a variety of styles including cotton pyjamas with half-sleeved tops, sleepless tops or buttoned-down night shirts to find your perfect match.

Made using premium quality cotton fabric, these stylish numbers will keep you feeling fresh and cosy all night long. The best part? Since cotton is a natural fabric, it is an excellent option for people with sensitive skin. Whether you plan to lounge at home all day or have to run a few errands before you hit the bed, these stylish women's co-ord sets will keep you feeling good and looking amazing all day!


Q. Are coord sets in fashion?

A. Absolutely! Co-ord sets have been in trend for quite some time and looks like they are here to stay. Whether it's casual wear, occasion wear, home wear or sleep wear, co-ord sets are a hit in every category!

Q. What are the different styles of women's night suits available?

A. When it comes to night suits, you get a number of options including night shorts sets, top-pyjama sets and top-capri shirts. You can also choose from a range of cotton pyjamas and top designs like sleeveless tops or shirts, half-sleeved tops or shirts, and full-sleeved tops or nightshirts.

Q. How can I look good in a nightsuit?

A. Buy a night set that is not only in keeping with the latest trends but also suits your unique style. One way to create a cool, casual look using your night suit is to match the top or bottom with other wardrobe basics. For example, you can pair your night suit shorts or pyjamas with a white or black cami or a basic tee. You can also use a shrug or an oversized shirt to add layers to the outfit. Put on a pair of complementing footwear and throw in a few accessories to complete the look.

Q. Which material is best for a night suit?

A. When it comes to comfort, cotton sleepwear definitely leads the way. It is light and soft and can keep you cool and comfy all night. Cotton sleepwear is an excellent choice for people who tend to sweat a lot or those who have sensitive skin. Few other materials you can consider when buying sleepwear include silk, polyester, linen and fleece and wool.