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Last Updated: 2024-07-16


If you haven’t been paying much attention to the nightwear section of your wardrobe, now is a good time to start. Other than ensuring a good night’s sleep, night suit for women can also help amp up your style quotient! At Shararat, we understand the unique fits and needs of Indian women. We bring to you a wide range of women's pajamas and short sets for women that score equally in both style and comfort.

Sophisticated and Feminine with a Hint of ‘Naught’ - The Shararat Way

Your baggy tee and mismatched bottoms might be snug enough to get you through the night. But are they trendy enough to carry you through the day? Our super cool co ords save you from the trouble mixing and matching different pieces. All you have to do is slip into one of these stylish pyjama or night suit shorts set and give your hectic day a comfortable ending. Here’s are a few reasons why you can trust us with your night wear and comfort wear needs:

Super comfy fabric

Our Pyjama and night suit shorts sets are crafted with soft fabrics like rayon and cotton to ensure maximum comfort.

Affordability and value for money

Fashion doesn't always have to cost a fortune. Keep it stylish without making a dent in your pockets with our pyjama and shorts co ord sets! Moreover, these are easy to wash and care for and remain as good as new even after multiple washes. Great investment! right?

Keep it stylish all day

While these co ords are everything you need for a comfortable sleep, you don’t have to keep them limited to the bedroom. They are stylish enough to be worn as comfort wear at home or even as you step out. If you want to personalize your style, mix and match the pieces with other wardrobe essentials.


Are rayon night suits comfortable?

Yes! Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric that has a smooth texture and offers the same amount of comfort as natural fibers like cotton, if not more. The fact that it is soft on the skin helps keep away common skin problems and rashes, especially during the summer. It is breathable and moisture-absorbent (even more than cotton), making it the perfect choice for women's night suit set and activewear and sleepwear, especially if the place has a humid climate.

What’s better - pyjama sets or nightgowns?

Both nightgowns and pyjama/night short set offer the comfort you need for a restful sleep. It really is a matter of preference, whichever style vibes with you the most. You may have inhibitions about stepping out in a nightgown since they feel more sensual and personal. However, a pyjama set can be worn while you are out running small errands. Moreover, if you move a lot in your sleep, you may find nighties a bit restrictive. Meanwhile, a lot of people prefer wearing pyjama night suits for women when the weather is cooler. A nightgown may be a tad bit more comfortable when it’s hot and humid out there.

What fabric is best for night suits?

While picking out a night suit or night shorts for women, you will probably want to go for a fabric that offers comfort and ensures maximum breathability. Fabrics like rayon and cotton ensure maximum comfort and are light and soft on the skin. Plus, rayon and cotton pyjama and women night shorts are affordable and durable, ensuring that you get value for money.