Explore Your Comfy Bedtime Wear


These evergreen pieces of sleepwear fashion deserve the top spot in this list. Just pair them up with a camisole or a tee and you are all set for a peaceful sleep. What’s more special about pyjama for women is that you can use your pair of cute PJs as loungewear, comfort wear or even activewear. And you don’t even need to think twice before stepping out to run errands while sporting a cute and funky PJ.
A trendy pair of cotton pyjamas can also be used to put together a tasteful look for a casual day out. With the right tee/top, accessories or even some layering, you can totally slay the pyjama trend at your next hangout or girls' night.

Pyjamas Sets

You are missing out if your sleepwear closet doesn't have a few of these cute and comfy womens night suits. And now that co-ords are all the rage, this seems like a great investment. Not only do they ensure you get a restful sleep but also they are stylish enough for lazing around in all day. Plus, they come in a range of different styles and designs. You can choose from various prints and patterns or pick different styles (pyjama top sets, pyjama shirt sets etc).
Want to restyle your nightwear according to your preference? How about mixing and matching the pieces of your women co-ord sets with other basics in your wardrobe? P.S: They are also snazzy enough to be worn outside!

Shorts Set

If cute and sassy is how you define your style, a shorts set is the right nightwear for you. Enjoy the cool summer breeze in a pair of short cotton shorts and a shirt as you spend some quality me-time at home. These are also a great option to wear to your next girls' night!
You can buy the two pieces separately or go for a co-ord shorts set, whatever works best!

Sleep shirts

Struggling with a tricky night dress is the last thing you want to do at the end of a tiring day. You need something easy breezy that you can slip into quickly. If this sounds relatable, then a sleep shirt is the perfect bedtime BFF for you. Changing into a sleep shirt after spending hours in stuffy clothing is simply surreal…especially when the weather's hot. From sophisticated to funky, sleep shirts come in a variety of styles, prints and colors for you to pick from.


If you are looking for something that also offers ample coverage without being restrictive, a nightgown is the best sleepwear option for you. Plus, they also double up as the perfect maternity wear. A delightful combination of comfort and sensuality, this nightwear is ideal for any season. The relaxing fit of a cotton or rayon nightgown will give your skin ample space to breathe. This is exactly what you need on those long summer nights. For winters, go for woolen or fleece nightgowns that will keep you snug without making you feel bound.
And if you are planning to have a self-care day, they are just perfect to lounge around in. On the style front, nighties have come a long way. No more dull and drag colors and patterns! You can choose from different necklines, sleeve-type, lengths, colors, designs, patterns etc. When it comes to functional fashion, nothing can beat the good ole’ night gown.


With so many options available, choosing the right sleepwear or maternity night wear may seem like quite a task. But a diva like you deserves something that perfectly reflects your unique style, even when it comes to sleepwear and nightwear. Happy shopping!


Q. What do ladies wear at night?

A. The past few years have witnessed a lot of changes in sleepwear fashion and maternity dresses. Bedtime fashion today is all about combining comfort with the latest trends. And there are so many styles for you to choose from! Some of the most popular women's nightwear apparel are pyjama sets, nightgowns, shorts sets, nighty kaftan, sleep shirts, Capri sets, baby dolls, maxi dresses, playsuits and night dresses.

Q. What clothes do people wear to bed?

A. What you choose to wear to bed directly impacts the quality of your sleep. Usually, people prefer bedtime clothes that are made of breathable fabrics, have a relaxed fitting and are soft on the skin. They also look for clothing that can stand frequent washing and are easy to care for. Sleepwear that can double up as loungewear is in demand currently. Choose something that is comfortable and can be worn as you run errands or take a stroll outside.