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Last Updated: 2024-07-16

Cozy Up with Shararat’s Exciting Range of Character Cotton Pyjamas and Kaftans

Want to add some personality and playfulness to your wardrobe? Or perhaps you want to show off your love for your favorite characters? Whatever the reason may be, adding a few vibrant pieces of character clothing to your collection is an excellent idea!

Shararat brings you an exciting range of character clothing that are not only comfortable enough to wear to bed but also stylish enough to step out in. The collection includes cotton-printed pyjamas and kaftan dresses that can easily transition from sleepwear to casual wear, depending on how you style the outfit.

The range celebrates 2 of the most iconic characters we just can’t imagine our childhood without - upbeat and friendly SpongeBob SquarePants, and the lazy and sarcastic Garfield. Step into the world of fun and nostalgia and get ready to make a statement with our distinctive character clothing styles!

Here’s what we’ve in store for you…

Our range of cotton women's pyjamas and kaftans not only brings you the latest fashion trends but also offers a unique and playful flair. No matter how you define your style, we have something for everyone! Our range of character apparel consists of:

1. Playful and Edgy Pyjamas for Women

Oodles of fun and loads of comfort…our Garfield and SpongeBob pyjamas will infuse your wardrobe with a trendy and modern aesthetic. We bring you quirky prints and cheerful colors that'll keep you looking fresh day and night. Stand out in bright hues like yellow, pink and blue or play it cool with subtle shades of peach, grey and green, the choice is yours!

Made with premium quality poly cotton fabric, these printed pyjamas are light, soft and kind to the skin! The elasticated waist closure further adds to the comfort of these pyjama pants. The lounge pants come with 2 side pockets to hold your phone, earphones or other small items.

These quirky and comfy cotton pyjamas can be used as sleepwear, activewear (for light workouts) or loungewear. For a cool casual look, pair them with your go-to pieces like a black or white tee, cami or crop top. Throw in a pair of flats and you are good to go!

Spend a lazy day home alone in your Garfield PJs or dive deep into the sea of comfort with a pair of SpongeBob pyjamas. You just can’t go wrong with these whimsy character pyjamas for women.

2. Easy Breeze Kaftan Dresses

Need a break from boring sleepwear styles? Well, you’re in for a treat because our quirky character kaftans are exactly what you’ve been looking for. This loose-fitting, stylish outfit can be used as comfy sleepwear, especially when it’s hot and humid out there. But that’s not all. Our quirky character kaftans seamlessly transition into home wear or loungewear that can be worn on a laid-back day in or for a fun day out!

From lively shades to more subtle hues, from big bold prints to cute smaller ones, choose from a range of options to find one that fits your unique style. The loose-fitting and free-size design makes this cotton sleepwear a comfortable and versatile option for all body types. The dress features an adjustable waist to let you tailor the fit to your liking! An excellent blend of comfort, convenience, versatility and style, our character kaftans will keep you cool and cosy through the day!


Q. Which fabric is best for nightwear in summer?

A.. Rayon, silk and linen and cotton sleepwear are a few of the best options for summer. These are not only soft and comfortable but also make sure you stay feeling cool and fresh all night long. Invest in a pair of cotton women's pyjamas or a breezy night dress to sleep well through hot summer nights.

Q. How do I make my clothing style unique?

A.To make your clothing style unique, experiment with different styles to find out what makes you feel comfortable and confident. While it's okay to follow the latest fashion trend, make sure to add a personal touch to every look. This could be in the form of wearing unique accessories, experimenting with character apparel, creating distinctive looks by mixing and matching styles etc.

Q. Can I wear pyjamas in public?

A. Absolutely! Comforting clothing like women's pyjamas, pyjama sets, short sets or shirt dresses are excellent sleepwear or loungewear options to wear at home as well as outside. Invest in fun and playful styles like printed pyjama pants and match them with a basic tee or crop top for a stylish casual look.

Q. How can I look cute in sleepwear?

A. Sleepwear styles like shirt dresses, nightdresses, kaftans dresses and printed pyjamas are a few top options if you want a cute and quirky look. Look for numbers with interesting and unique prints (like favorite cartoon characters) to add more personality to your look.