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Sharat’s Sweet and Sensual Nighty Collection Is The Sleepwear of Your Dreams!

Nighty has been one of the most popular sleepwear for Indian women since time immemorial. And for all the right reasons too. First things first, is super comfortable, and breezy and comes in a range of fabrics like satin, cotton and fleece…all of which are known for being lightweight and soft. Secondly, with nighties, you don’t have to struggle with details like waist ties, drawstrings or buttons. Seriously though, who needs all that additional hard work after a tiring day, right?

What To Expect From Shararat’s Wide Range of Nighties and Nightgowns?

When it comes to taking care of your sleepwear and loungewear requirements, Shararat is a name you can trust. Our nighttime pieces offer utmost comfort while also making sure you look fabulous. Here is everything that our sleepwear and maternity dresses bring to the table:

Options for all seasons

For hot and humid Indian summers, natural fabrics like cotton seem to be the most sensible option. Cotton nighties are soft, allow breathability and come with moisture-absorbent properties. All this adds up to give you a restful sleep. Meanwhile, fleece nighties are more fitted for those chilly winter nights. But if you are looking for something with a sheen, a satin nighty is the best choice for all seasons.

An array of designs

Go old school with full-length nightgowns or opt for a short nighty instead…whatever you decide, we’ve got you covered. You can also choose from different sleeve styles and neckline options. If you are a no-fuss kinda gal, pick one of our simple half-sleeved or sleeveless nighty with a pretty print. And in case you want to add a little more style and sensuality to your nighttime look, you’ll probably want to go with nightgowns with frills or lace details.

Playful and feminine prints

At Shararat, we offer a wide range of prints and colors for you to choose from. A floral printed nighty in soft and earthy tones looks feminine and soothing. But if you are more ‘spice’ than ‘nice’, pick a vibrant shade with an abstract print. You can go for a simple black nighty or other solid nighties if sophistication with style is the vibe you are looking for.

One size fits all

Perhaps the thing that makes nighties one of the comfiest sleepwear options is their loose but flattering fit. Our nightgowns come in universal size so you don't have to waste your time finding the right fit. You can wear it as it is or get it tailored according to your liking. To cut the long story short, Shararat sleep and maternity nighty offers everything you want in your sleepwear and more. Browse through our collection of nighties and nightgowns to find your new favorite bedtime outfit.


Q. How do I choose a nighty dress?

A. The first thing you may want to look for in a night dress is comfort. Go for fabrics like cotton that are soft, lightweight and breathable. However, if you are looking for winter nighties, fabrics like wool and fleece might be a better option. Next, you need to select the right coverage. Ankle- length nightgowns make sure your legs are covered as you sleep. Alternatively, you can choose a knee-length nighty dress that offers less coverage but equal comfort. Also, check out the various sleeve type and neckline options before making your choice. Since nightwear fashion is all the rage these days, go with a color and print you believe will compliment you.

Q. Which dress is suitable for nightwear?

A. When it comes to sleepwear for women, night suits, pyjama sets, shorts sets, nighties, kaftan nighty and nightdress are the top choices. Each of these options comes with its own set of benefits. For instance, if you are looking for something super comfortable, not restrictive, offering the right amount of coverage and can be slipped on with ease, a nighty might be the right choice for you.

Q. What is the purpose of a nighty?

A. Nighty is one of the most popular bedtime outfits for women. It is flowy and loose-fitting and yet drapes beautifully. Often available in fabrics like pure cotton, satin and fleece, nighties are lightweight and soft. They do not limit your movement while sleeping or as you lounge in them at home.