Light and Breezy Cotton Pyjamas for Hot Summer Nights


You’re never too old to add some quirky fun to your style and that’s exactly what our Garfield Pyjama Pants have been designed to do. These pyjama pants are a fabulous blend of subtlety and playfulness, featuring a whimsy print that is expertly balanced with subdued shades. Made from premium quality cotton fabric, they will keep you feeling comfy and cool in the scorching summer heat. Add these charming PJs to your nightwear collection or use them as lounge wear or casual wear, the choice is yours. You can also pair this cotton sleepwear with a cute crop top or a graphic tee to create the perfect outfit for your next slumber party!


This comfy cotton pyjama in playful pink will be a delightful addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe! The contemporary design and traditional paisley pattern fuse together to give off a classy yet modern vibe! The cheerful color and aesthetic print of these yjama pants makes them an ideal choice for both lounging at home as well as stepping out to meet up with your gal pals! Fusion, traditional, bohemian or minimalist, with the right top, accessories and footwear, these chic printed pyjamas can help you create the perfect ensemble for any occasion.


Don’t you just love when you get to lounge in your cosy comfy PJs all day? But the thought of having to change into something else before heading out to run errands or take a walk can be quite daunting. With these stylish black pyjamas that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about! These printed pyjamas feature a charming minimal white pattern on a black background that not only makes them look super stylish but also makes it easier to style them. These black pyjama can be paired with a range of colors ranging from subtle shades to vibrant hues. The fitted design looks fabulous without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.


Their easy-breezy fit, cool summery colors and soothing leaf pattern make these cotton pyjamas an absolute must-have for your summer wardrobe. Pair this fabulous pair of PJ pants with a basic white or black tee for a relaxed bedtime attire. And if you plan to step out the next morning but don’t feel like getting dressed, you can effortlessly switch this look from bedtime to casual. Just swap your basic tee for a crop top and put on a pair of slides or slip-on sneakers to the mix, and you are good to go!


These turquoise blue SpongeBob pyjamas are just what you need to make your weekends more comfortable and relaxing. Their pleasant and cheerful color combination will get you in the right mood to beat the summer heat and gear up to have some fun! You can pair it with a crop top, tank top or a tee with a knotted front. For added style and protection against the sun, you can layer up with an oversized (unbuttoned shirt) or a cotton shrug. For a fun and flirty look, pair cotton women's pyjamas with an off-shoulder top in black or white. Experiment with different styles and colors to create that perfect comfy cosy summer look!


With its intricate buti pattern and lively shades of yellow, these pyjama pants exude an irresistible charm that’ll effortlessly level up your style game. From bedtime wear to casual outfits, styling these versatile PJs is as easy as it gets. You can team these printed pyjamas with a kurti and heeled sandals for a casual traditional look. And if you are going for something more contemporary, consider wearing these pyjama pantswith a loose and flowy blouse or a fitted buttoned-down shirt for a casual and cool appeal. No matter how you style it, rest assured that these cotton PJ pants will keep you feeling fresh and comfy all day long!

Summing it up…

By adding these comfy pyjamas for women to your summer wardrobe you can elevate your fashion game and also enjoy the benefits of their versatility. Whether you use them as sleepwear, loungewear or casual wear, these PJ pants are sure to keep you comfy and stylish! So don’t let the summer heat bring you down! Browse through our collection to find something that matches your style and vibe!


Q. How do I choose the right pyjamas?

A. A. When choosing a pyjama for women, consider factors like style, fit and fabric. Also, keep in mind the climate and season. For instance, if you are looking for a pyjama to wear during the summer, go for fabrics like cotton, linen or bamboo. You may also want to go with cotton women's pyjamasthat can easily be mixed and matched with other wardrobe basics to give a coordinated look.

Q. Can you wear pyjamas during the day?

A. Absolutely! The trend of wearing comfort wear at home during the day or even while stepping out is here to stay. To wear your cotton pyjamas as loungewear at home or as casual wear outside, pick a stylish design and pattern. Also, make sure that the PJ pants you choose fit you well. Go for something you can team up with other wardrobe basics and accessories to create a chic and comfy look.

Q. . What should I wear for loungewear?

A. There is a variety of loungewear and home wear for women that can be equally stylish and comfortable. A few popular options in this category are kaftan dresses, shirt dresses, pyjama pants and tees, shorts coord sets and women's pyjama sets. Look for soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo that’ll keep you comfy, especially if the weather gets hot and humid. In winter, fabrics like wool, flannel and fleece are a better option.

Q. What is the coolest material for pyjamas?

A. If you're looking for cool materials for pyjamas for the summer season, your top options include linen, cotton and bamboo. Bamboo and cotton sleepwear is soft, comfortable and breathable fabrics that’ll keep you cool. Linen is also an excellent choice as it is lightweight, breathable and highly absorbent.